A cheap item can prove costly in the end

Buying an item based on price alone can prove to be very costly. A bed is made of many components such as the base frame, fabric to cover the frame, springs, foam, fabric among others. Unlike garments, the components of a bed are covered so as a customer you have no way of knowing what kind of components are used.

Quality components make quality beds and if you buy a bed that is very cheap you may think you are saving but what it means in reality is that some of the components are not of sufficiently good quality to last you a long time. In all likelihood, buying a double bed for R1500 or less is a good indicator of poor quality.

Purchasing what appears to be a bargain can end up costing you a lot of money as you are likely to be back in the market for another bed only a few months after buying your "bargain". The cost in the end will be higher than you would have spent had you saved for a god quality bed or used such options as lay-bye to buy the bed of your dreams.

The next time you buy a bed do not simply look for the cheapest bed available - shop around, ask some questions about the bed, enquire about the length of the warranty period, and whether the manufacturer is willing to accept returns. These are good indicators of manufacturers who are confident about the quality of their products.

Quality mattresses are a product of quality components.

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