Some things have changed forever!

Before the arrival of Covid-19 on our shores, people flocked to the malls to do some of their basic shopping. In fact, going to the mall was an outing of sorts. Families could be seen together walking around, trying on clothes and even sharing a meal at one of the food outlets.

Then came Covid-19.

We were encouraged to stay at home. The entire economy shut down, save for a few industries that were designated as essential. The arrival of the pandemic coincided with a season change where we were moving to our autumn and then winter. What many of us had bought in preparation for the lockdown started running out as it was extended beyond the initial 21 days.

We needed to buy things, but we were encouraged to stay at home.

This gave e-commerce a boost it could never have thought possible in the most optimistic of scenarios. Things have changed and we are unlikely to return to pre-Covid-19 way of buying and selling things. These days, you can buy pretty much everything without leaving your house. Even the pre-Covid-19 skeptics are now sold on buying everything and anything online.

Yes, there are many charlatans who try to scam people online but what all this means is that we must be careful. At Exclusive Beds we offer our customers different methods of payment to give you the sense of comfort that you are not being scammed. We continue to improve our security systems to make your shopping more pleasant and safe.

Enjoy buying our beds online, and tell others that it is safe, and more importantly it reduces your exposure to the risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus.

The question of what happens to the many buildings currently used as shops in malls and the CBD as well as the many office parks is for another day.

We wish you a safe, and better 2021!

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